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How safe is your makeup?

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Is makeup safe?

Is my makeup safe? This is a question that has come to all of us at some point in life. Toxic chemicals and compounds lurk in many of the beauty products on our shelves.

While we are all busy concealing our imperfections under a thick layer of creams and foundation, rise in awareness about the ill-effects of chemicals and harmful preservatives on the skin is influencing many to switch towards safer cosmetic alternatives.

Even when we don’t realize, most of the cosmetics we wear are toxic. Unfortunately, a lot of them contain harmful substances that get instantly absorbed by our skin. One of the reasons is that cosmetics are not subjected to the same checks as food or medicine before being mass-manufactured and marketed. Therefore, the responsibility lies with producers and manufacturers to ensure that their product is safe to use for the masses.

For instance, popular cosmetic ingredients such as sodium benzoate, propylene glycol and several other acids, parabens and sometimes even carcinogenic compounds present in our makeup, cause allergic reactions on most skin types.

Now we know that it takes time and efforts to know what really goes into your makeup, but it’s worth every bit of effort. Read on to find out why!

Opt for safe makeup products!

Now let’s answer the question – what is makeup safety and how does it work?

Before we go to answer that, let us ask you another one - have you ever wondered if the cosmetics you overdose on, are safe? If you have, you are not alone. After all, it’s just as important what you put on your skin as what you put in your body!

The difference between safe and toxic makeup brands is one of the biggest dilemmas particularly faced by pregnant women because when you are carrying a child you are bound to care for what you’re applying on your skin.

Laws of several countries either restrict or prohibit certain ingredients or products and for good reason. Makeup colourants are highly regulated. But unfortunately, besides these colourants, makeup products and their ingredients are not subject to FDA regulation before their release into the market. Hence cosmetic safety does not appear to be as watertight as it should be in most countries.

Since the beauty industry is largely unregulated, it’s up to you to do your own research to identify the safest products. There are no legal standards for personal care products labelled as “pure,” “natural” or “organic,” so look beyond the marketing claims by toxic makeup brands and read labels carefully and watch out for harmful ingredients.

According to research, the average woman uses 12 personal care products each day. That amounts to a whopping 168 chemicals that are being absorbed into or layered onto your body.

They have also detected arsenic, mercury, lead and other toxic metals in some of the cosmetics circulated in the market today. Many makeup, bath and baby care products contain well-known skin irritants, hormone-altering chemicals and cancer-causing substances called carcinogens. Over time, consistent use of these can cause rashes and hives, trigger headaches and affect hormones that control your body’s development and reproductive system.
Certain websites and apps list out ingredients to avoid and give various personal care products toxicity scores, from lotions and deodorants to lip balms and nail polishes. This can help you make a more informed choice for skin safe makeup the next time you’re browsing down the aisle.

“Is organic make up the same as natural make up?”

While “natural” and “organic” are the buzzwords in makeup today, a lack of regulation of cosmetics here in India often make these buzz words powerless and meaningless.

Makeup that is food grade to the extent where it can be consumed could be organic if it meets certain requirements. While certain countries have a framework which one needs to follow in order to claim their makeup as “organic”, right now India has no such certification requirements and that’s a problem because so many brands do make that claim. Eg. In the U.S. one needs a USDA certification to use an organic claim.

In fact, the Indian organic certification requirements even in our food industry are fast evolving to include our latest understanding and research on this topic. The onus of presenting the truth to the consumer lies in the hands of brands today and very few brands are choosing to take that honest path of not over claiming or over promising on what their product can deliver to their consumers. Here’s hoping that consumers understand this reality and that pressure is then thrown back onto brands to speak the truth about their formulations and to regulatory authorities and put rules in place to ensure there is no over claiming.

Go for makeup with a balance of nature and science!

Cosmetics are a part of everyday life for both men and women. To make informed decisions, understand the best make-up of your “makeup”. We at Kiro are ditching animal-derived ingredients all together for makeup that is cruelty-free. If you're thinking about making the switch to best vegan makeup, here's where to start.

Our purpose is to introduce significant innovations, discoveries coupled with the technological advancements that help develop vegan and natural makeup that is good for you and looks good on you!

We have searched far and wide for the very best makeup and skincare practices and ingredients that are truly natural and cruelty-free! With pure and earth-friendly ingredients, our products are as clean as they are effective.

Kiro’s clean natural and scientific beauty products!

Kiro offers clean formulas infused with healing agents, sans all the harmful ingredients. This makes our beauty products beneficial for all skin tones and types. We keep all the nasties out of our makeup so that women can indulge in cruelty-free makeup every day without worrying about it taking a toll on their skin. We have curated a range of skincare products that deliver responsibly crafted formulas with a luxurious feel and high colour payoff. We encourage women to reconfigure their expectations with cosmetics that nourish, nurture and pamper the skin.

We are bringing out the good in us with transparency and testing to introduce you to the good in makeup!

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