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It’s Time to Substitute Harmful Preservatives with Natural Alternatives

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Are preservatives in cosmetics harmful?

As conventional beauty brands focus on consumerism and mass production, preservatives in make-up are a common phenomenon. These cosmetics are manufactured using controversial yet common preservatives. As a huge step forward Kiro Beauty is making way for skincare that is clean and sustainable. We are working towards making clean skincare products available and accessible to all!

Intending to support a new moral baseline; we are making values relating to ingredient transparency, wellness, ethical sourcing and sustainability at the core of every product we make. So select your skincare and makeup products wisely with a composition that is clean and substances that are actually good for you and your skin.

What is the use of preservatives?

With time, it is becoming increasingly important to be mindful of the ingredients that go into the making of the cosmetics we use. In the light of the pandemic, we are particularly opting for natural alternatives over ones that are traditionally mass-produced. After all the current crisis is our lesson in environmentalism and mindless consumerism.

Traditionally mainstream beauty brands tend to have water-based products that create a favourable environment for microbial growth. Hence they require preservatives in cosmetics to ensure the durability of these products, to help keep them shelf-stable. They are essentially synthetic substances specifically designed to avoid the growth of microorganisms and hence contamination, but in return do a lot more damage to our skin.

Types of preservatives

A few of the chemical preservatives in cosmetics flooding the market include parabens, organic acids, Phenoxyethanol, Isothiazolinones, Formaldehyde Releasers and Potassium Sorbate, amongst other compounds. Parabens are majorly found in sunscreens, lotions, creams, gels, shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash, toothpaste, soaps, cleansers. Now that accounts for every other product on our shelves, isn’t it?

Even if a product is considerably mild with a lower concentration, every product we use deposits more layers of preservatives on your skin. This extends to all ingredients, not just preservatives. Layering too many such products containing chemical preservatives, thus has an accumulative effect on the skin, no matter the types of preservatives they contain.

Preservatives to avoid, at all costs!

However, as we become more and more aware, the demand for paraben-free, clean preservatives is increasingly growing worldwide and for good reason. Why you ask? The health implications of the preservatives incorporating paraben and other synthetic ingredients are immensely harmful.

Research shows that if pregnant women use cosmetics containing parabens that remain on the skin for prolonged periods, this may have consequences for their child's subsequent weight development. Previous studies have also found parabens in the breast tissue of breast cancer patients. These are a few of the many reasons that brought a significant amount of attention to the ingredient.

If you’re not sure if your products contain parabens, it’s usually easy to identify by checking the label for any of these common types: methylparaben, ethyl paraben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isopropyl paraben, and isobutyl paraben.

The solution – Kiro Beauty introduces organic alternatives to preservatives!

We have now come full circle, with people starting to identify the long-term harmful effects of chemicals and paraben-laden products. If you’re still on the lookout for the cleanest, greenest products possible, you may buy from our range of products that are free of synthetic fragrance and artificial preservatives.

In the last few years, the demand for clean products has almost doubled and this is a significant development with the shift in mindset and purchasing decision-making factors. The products packed with chemicals are known to adversely affect our health, the ecosystem, and the environment. The consumers seem to have understood this now and we are glad for it.

The awakening can also be owed to the ill-effects that have started to come to sight with the current crisis, unpredictable weather conditions, newer and potentially fatal health ailments, climate change and natural emergencies globally.

Transparency in skincare labels and their formulations, with an eye on safety and sustainability, is our absolute mantra at Kiro Beauty. We want you to know what goes into your products. Eliminating chemical preservatives in cosmetics is our priority and we are committed to introducing you to natural makeup that not just looks good on you, but is also good for you! Our range of clean, vegan, toxin free lipsticks is a step in that direction.

“Organic make up in India? Not yet…”

While “natural” and “organic” are the buzzwords in makeup today, a lack of regulation of cosmetics here in India often make these buzz words powerless and meaningless.

Makeup that is food grade to the extent where it can be consumed could be organic if it meets certain requirements. While certain countries have a framework which one needs to follow in order to make that organic makeup claim, right now India has no such certification requirements and that’s a problem because so many brands do make that claim. Eg. In the U.S. one needs a USDA certification to use an organic claim.

In fact, the Indian organic certification requirements even in our food industry are fast evolving to include our latest understanding and research on this topic. The onus of presenting the truth to the consumer lies in the hands of brands today and very few brands are choosing to take that honest path of not over claiming or over promising on what their product can deliver to their consumers. Here’s hoping that consumers understand this reality and that pressure is then thrown back onto brands to speak the truth about their formulations and to regulatory authorities and put rules in place to ensure there is no over claiming.

Natural + Cutting edge science is the way to go!

Cruelty-free, beauty products that are dermatologically tested are the need of the hour. And with our range of clean nontoxic, vegan, skin care infused make up , Kiro Beauty is set to make natural makeup products a part of your everyday skincare routine. With an emphasis on “clean makeup” our ingredients consist of natural preservatives for cosmetics that cause no harm.

With a focus on ecological sustainability and personal touch to the quality of our skincare infused products, we are certain to make cosmetics that are cruelty-free - the next-big-thing.

In an effort to reduce our chemical burden, let us opt-out of beauty products that contain synthetic preservatives and opt-in for skincare infused products – for yourself and the environment. We see the approaching of a revolution right here!

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