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Lift the lid on clean beauty products to combat air pollution!

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Harmful effects of pollution on the skin!

Climate change is real and taking effect all across the world. Experts have been closely monitoring the relationship between environmental aggressors and our skin. They state that in addition to the obvious threats to our health, air pollution can cause a slew of skin issues, ranging from age spots and wrinkles to acne breakouts and more.

We must educate ourselves on the best practices of skincare using clean beauty— because, in a time where everything feels uncertain, your preventative skin-care routine is one thing you can certainly control.

While it is difficult to keep away from smog and pollution here’s some good news: Making natural beauty products an everyday part of your skincare routine is just the solution you are looking for. It may sound intuitive but harmful beauty products that are often lodged on the surface layer of the skin can eventually penetrate the skin causing long-term detrimental effects. Read on as we shell out various tips and tricks to keep your skin and body healthy and well-nourished.

Why are chemical products harmful?

Today’s informed consumers are well aware of their skin issues and stress on the need for safe and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. They are much more informed about the harmful effects of chemicals that are present in most of the personal care brands and cause skin irritation. With easy access to information on the internet and social media, they are educating themselves about brands that offer clean beauty products to avoid skin infections, acne problems and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. We have in our kitty plenty of safe alternatives to replace the existing cosmetic products that cause harm.

Alarming research has revealed that our skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals in the products we use. They then accumulate in the bloodstream. Hence, we firmly believe that what we put on our skin should be as clean as what we eat. This is the reason our products are natural, clean, vegan, and toxin-free solutions for all your skincare woes.

We are driven by the innovation and use the best of science and technology to bring a spirit of constant innovation and in-depth research and customer feedback into every single product. We aspire to meet all personal care needs of increasingly conscious Indian consumers. Innovation is a part of our DNA and in the coming years, we plan to launch new products, enter new categories and use all the right ingredients to serve this purpose.

Do make up products with a balance of science and nature protect your skin from pollution?

The answer is loud and clear – YES! The secret to healthy skin is not in the labels or packaging but the ingredients and making. Clean beauty products help you get that glowing, vibrant, and, yes, younger-looking skin, while keeping you healthy as you age. Products that are laden with chemicals can significantly deteriorate your skin texture. This is why we passionately advocate clean beauty products.

Argan oil is one such versatile ingredient that is hailed as ‘liquid gold’ for its several and immense benefits. It’s time you incorporate this much-loved ingredient into your skincare routine if you haven’t already. It inhibits medicinal and healing properties. It is abundantly rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. The fatty acids and squalene help to seal in moisture whilst vitamin E helps to soothe skin, protect against environmental aggressors and act as an anti-inflammatory solution. Argan oil also contains carotenoids and phenols, which work as antioxidants to protect against harmful free radicals.

Another pollution-battling skincare product in our arsenal is the Lotus oil. With rich amounts of antioxidants that help treat different skin problems, the lotus oil benefits are numerous. It helps improve

skin texture, relieves stress and anxiety, aids healthy breathing, helps get rid of acne and helps you get that beauty sleep.

It will take us an entirely different blog to elaborate on several such benefits derived from our products….

The changing climate of beauty products!

Regular reports on increasing pollution levels, deteriorating air quality, depleting ozone layer, the Delhi Apocalypse and wider climate concerns, have all caused a huge shift in our attitude towards harmful makeup brands. At the same time, environmental concerns are also dethroning ‘fairness’ as one of the main prerequisites in beauty products. It was about time, right?

Our clean products are a stamp of trust that combat pollution and play a central role in our movement towards a more responsible world. With our best non-toxic makeup, we are meaning to introduce you to healthy skincare.

Our non-toxic skincare ingredients include products that are free of red flags. These ingredients are not hormone disruptors, carcinogens or allergens. We use most of the natural ingredients from plant sources to make available non-toxic skincare.

So what we are saying is - do your research, switch to safer, cleaner products for healthy skin and body, for that will be a clean swipe in our skin’s fight against pollution.

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