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Lip lacquer vs lip gloss vs lipstick: Your handy guide to knowing the difference

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Luscious lips, something that everyone wants. But in today’s polluted environment when we are attacked by external radicals and internal stress alike, how can our lips not be affected? No matter how much we crave and strive for non-pigmented lips that are soft as butter, we do end up with pigmentation and those bite marks that more often than not stem from everyday stress. To top it all, we need lip products and lipsticks that are long lasting and pigmented, to cover those imperfections. But, those features come with a lot of toxicity. From lead to parabens, there is a lot that goes into creating long lasting lipsticks, none of which is good for us. We mean, we literally eat up our lipsticks, do you really want so much toxicity within you? Also, in the fast-paced routine that we all follow, often, we forget to apply lip care products. The need of the hour is products that can multitask. But for that, you first need to understand the difference between lip lacquer, lip gloss, and lipstick and then go on to pick products that can nourish and care alike for your pout.

You’re in luck, for in this article we are going to tell you exactly that and more. Consider this your handy guide to knowing all about lip lacquer, lip gloss and lipstick and how they are different from each other, so the next time you pick one, you know exactly what you are going for.

What is lip lacquer?

Let’s start with the most interesting one. While most of us have a vague and general idea of what a lip gloss and a lipstick is, we don’t know much about lip lacquer. In fact, we often use it interchangeably with lip gloss. But, the two are different.

The easiest way to describe a lip lacquer is that it is the best of both worlds — lipstick and lip gloss. It has the consistency that is somewhere in between, with a pigmentation that is significantly more than a lip gloss but less than a lipstick. A lip lacquer is a nourishing lip colour that can very well be used as a lip product on its own, without any need for layering up. That means you will not need a lip balm for softening your lips, nor would you need a lipstick for the colour, because the lacquer would do both the jobs efficiently.

Lip lacquers have a sheen and come in a glossy and super creamy texture that may at times be transferable. However, additional features depend on the brand. Given you are using it as a product that colours and cares both, we’d recommend look for something non-toxic that gives you the benefits of a lip balm and colour of a lipstick.

A good choice would be our recently launched Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer that is infused with the goodness of not one, not two, but five melting butters, each with its own benefits. Further, it is vegan, cruelty free and paraben free, making it the safest choice for your lips. But that’s not it. We at Kiro Beauty believe that a good makeup product should strike a perfect balance between nature and science rather than creating a rift between them. And so, our super moisturising lip lacquers are high on pigmentation and last for a long time. So, you do not need any layering up, neither a lip balm nor a lipstick. It can also be called a lip gloss lipstick.

Lip lacquers usually last a comfortably long time, not as long as lipsticks, especially matte ones, but long enough. Certainly longer than lip glosses.

So, if that is a lip lacquer, what is a lip gloss then? Let’s find that out next.

What is lip gloss?

Lip glosses were initially launched to compliment lipsticks. These were glossy and transferable lip products that were created to combat the dryness of lipsticks and give your lips the perfect puckered-up look. The original lip gloss was not intended to be used on its own, and hence was a glossy product that was to be swiped over your lipstick. Over time, they were also used on their own, and nude lip gloss even made quite a statement. But, that’s only something you can pull off if you have flawless, unpigmented lips. Not many of us are blessed with that.

Lip gloss colours also vary. Given most of these compliment the lipsticks, they come in similar lipstick shades, depending on whether you just want a shine or you want an intense shine that doubles up the colour as well. From a nude lip gloss to a red lip gloss, there is an array of shades to choose from. The trick is to find one that is closest to your lipstick shade or you may end up with a colour mix that you did not ask for. Want more drama? Glitter lip gloss that comes in an array of shades can help you there.

Just like in lip lacquers, lip gloss market has a lot of variety to offer. You just have to take your pick.

While talking about lip lacquer vs lip gloss, know that the former is highly nourishing and pigmented, while the latter is merely a top up on the lipstick to make your lips look fuller and shinier. Also, lip lacquers last longer than lip glosses that are merely accessories to the lipstick. When it comes to longevity, lip gloss is the weakest.

What is lipstick?

Now that we know about lip gloss and lip lacquer, let’s move on to the most basic lip makeup product, a lipstick. This is perhaps the easiest to understand as well. It is simply a colour bullet across textures and colours that you apply to your lips to give them an even shade. Lipstick has always been an essential part of getting-ready routines, since the times of Cleopatra, or even before. The only thing that has changed is how convenient it has become in terms of packaging, portability and usage.

But, the good thing is that there is another factor that has joined the bandwagon; sustainability. Our lipsticks or any other lip product should specifically care more and not be toxic at all. We eat and speak using our lips. Any toxicity would go straight inside our system, giving rise to issues we didn’t even know existed. The solution is to pick lipsticks from brands that are cruelty free and paraben free so that you smile guilt free. At Kiro Beauty, our lipsticks are imbued with ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin e, etc, to give your lips the ultimate nourishment. Plus, the scientific formulation ensures that you get a long lasting and intense colour payoff.

Earlier, lipsticks came in a standard bullet format, with a creamy texture. Now, there is no dearth of options. From matte liquid lipstick to liquid lipstick that is comfortably creamy, to the ones that do not transfer, there is a lot to choose from. You can even pick a lip lacquer or lip gloss lipstick that gives you soft and moisturised lips with rich colour and a long lasting finish.

In fact, you can even combine lipstick and lip gloss together. Just ask the question — how to turn matte lipstick into glossy. Simply pick a nude lip gloss or any other shade that is closest to the lipstick shade and swipe it on. You would instantly get that bitten and nourished look you were going for. That’s how you turn your matte lips into glossy ones. Or, you can skip all those steps and just use a lip lacquer.

Lipsticks last long, but you have to check the features for it. Also, remember that the longer the lipstick lasts, the more toxic it is. The best solution would be to pick a clean brand that is non-toxic and nourishes your lips as well.

Lip lacquer vs lip gloss vs lipstick: What is the difference?

The major difference between these three is in terms of texture and longevity. A lipstick can be liquid matte, creamy or glossy. On the other hand, a lip gloss only has one texture; glossy and shiny. A lip lacquer can be creamy but can settle into a semi-matte finish as well, depending on what the brand has to offer. Again, lipsticks and lip lacquers are generally long lasting, lip glosses are not.

Lipsticks and lip lacquers can also be non-transferrable. Lip gloss, on the other hand, is highly glossy and thus highly transferable.

There are different types of lipstick textures, or lip products in general, but most of those apply to lipsticks. Lip lacquers are mostly creamy and lip gloss, as the name suggests, glossy.

Pick your pucker pout product, the clean way

This is the time to get choosy with clean beauty. Since ages we have been compromising on ingredients just because we were getting intense colour payoffs and longevity in return. No more. With Kiro Beauty, you do not have to gamble with your health or skin to get makeup that lasts long. We believe in combining the best of science and nature to give you products that are high on colour and care.

Pick your lip lacquer or liquid matte lipstick without any hassle. Available across shades and textures, Kiro Beauty lip products are imbued with the best that science and nature have to offer, curated specially for you.

Make the curious and cruelty free choice, the Kiro way, today.

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