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Make up hacks for that dreamy professional look

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Did you wake up wanting to preen into the mirror today? Well, contrary to what the social media tells us, ‘I woke up like this’ is a farce. But you know that already, don’t you? Sorry to break your heart beauties, but hey, you don’t need to be sad. Agreed, you can’t wake up like this, but you can surely have a flawless skin with the right diet and products. And a big part of it is makeup as well.

Most of the makeup products available in the market are full of harmful and toxic chemicals. No matter how less of a makeup person you are, even a bad kajal is enough to give you an itchy stare for a week! Yikes! You don’t want that, do you? That’s why we at Kiro Beauty have vegan products that are made with the gentlest of ingredients, to give you a makeup experience that lasts beyond a few hours.

And now we are going to tell you how you can use make up hacks that can give you a flawless skin in just less time, with products that care and colour both. After all, daily makeup can be fun to run with. These are just simple tips and tricks that can change your make up hacks game, for good. Let’s start this whacky ride.

Who said that quick makeup needs to be haphazard and hasty? You can also get a thoroughly professional look, if only you know how to use the products in the right manner. That’s why we are here with the make up hacks, right, to make your daily makeup game an easy breeze-y affair.

Tip 1: Perk up your nail paint

We all love to apply a base coat. But do you know that base coat may be responsible for ruining your nail paint game? Yes, a transparent base coat can do that. What should you do? Replace it with a white nail paint and watch your nail paint perk up like never before. Also, less chipping.

Tip 2: Spot the missed spots

Okay, this is an ace makeup tip. Often, while heading out for work or meeting, we apply makeup in a hurry and may miss certain spots that may not be visible in the indoor light. Check your makeup in the bright sunlight once. This is one of the pro make up hacks to let you know if you may have missed any blending or even if you have left a spot.

Tip 3: For wider eyes

Everyone loves gorgeous and big eyes, but not everyone is blessed with it. We can tell you just the right trick in a barrage of impractical make up hacks to give your eyes an illusion of wider look.

Use a white or beige eyeliner in the inner corners and also on the waterline. Use your liner and kajal on the lashline. Apply mascara outwards and give double coats. There, that wasn’t so difficult, after all.

Tip 4: Foundation over, oh no!

Yep, we know you are busy. So much so that there may be the time when you will forget that your makeup product is on the verge of getting over. What if you are done with half your base and you figure out you can’t squeeze in more foundation! A nightmare, that’s what would ensue. But we have one of the best make up hacks for you even here.

Take your scissors and cut the tube. You would be surprised to see how much of the product is still left, sticking to the edges and the packaging. Swoop it out on your brush and use. Your daily makeup will be sorted until you order and get a replacement delivered to your doorstep.

Tip 5: Spoon it!

We know, spooning is comfortable. Sigh! But it is amazing as one of the make up hacks as well. Don’t trust us? Let us tell you how you can achieve the perfect wing, without messing up even once, all with the help of a spoon. Sounds unbelievable but is achievable.

Just take a spoon and place its handle adjacent on your eyelid, in sync with the shape of the wing you want. Use your eyeliner to create a line, using the spoon handle like a scale. Now use the front-end of the spoon and place it over that line, leaving a few mm gap (to fill in) and create another line. You will see that both the lines are joining at the edge, due to the curve of the spoon. Fill in the gap and extend it inwards. There, you are done.

Check out Kiro Beauty’s waterproof high definition liquid eyeliner. It’s just the perfect product to wing it!

Get yourself ready for morning meetings with these 5-minute make up hacks

Honestly, 5 minutes? Trust us, ladies. All these hacks take less than 2 minutes. Given we all are mostly zooming through meetings and rushing through work hours as we handle work from home, there are times when we are working out of our pajamas. How do we prep ourselves for an emergency meetings? Using these make up hacks. And we have a few more for your daily makeup.

Tip 6: Save the mascara wand

It really is a magic wand. While the formulation differs, there is a lot more of a difference that even the mascara wand can make to your eye makeup looks. So, if your mascara is over, throw the bottle away but let the mascara wand stay. Use it with another of your favourite mascara.

Tip 7: A quick smokey-eye

This one can be done with just two products, a black eyeliner or kajal and a brown one. Create a hashtag on the outer corner of your eyelid and quickly blend it inwards to create a dark to light illusion. Use a black eyeliner or kajal to slightly more definition at the outer edge and blend. Now use the same kajal to line your eyes. Tightline and use your mascara. You are done! And it did not even take 5 minutes.

For best results, check out our range of eye makeup. Kiro Beauty’s Hi-def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil in Earth Brown is just the shade for this look. Want to add a purple definition? Pick up Smoked Velvet. And finish off with the all-time favourite Kajal All-day in Carbon Black - 01.

Tip 8: Get your bets on eyeshadow sticks

Palettes are out, sticks are in. These chubby little wonders are multipurpose and if you choose the right shades can serve as both eyeshadow and highlighters. Just swipe it on, blend it, apply your eyeliner and mascara and you can wrap up a 15-minute eye makeup routine in just under 2 minutes. Pretty cool for a woman who is constantly on the go yet does not want to compromise on her work look, right?

Our Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick is just what you want.

Daily make up routine for beginners

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, getting your make up hacks right does not hurt. After all, that’s what daily makeup is about, how good you can be in how less a time! Here are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve if you are just starting out.

  1. Keep a tinted moisturiser handy instead of a full-fledged foundation
  2. One good kajal can take care of your entire eye makeup
  3. Always follow a good skincare routine with proper cleanse, tone and scrub steps
  4. Invest in a good primer so that your base makeup spreads uniformly
  5. Eat nutritious food and drink a good amount of water every day
  6. Pick a bb cream or tinted moisturiser that suits your skin type
  7. Test the shade on your jawline rather than your wrist
  8. Choose toxicity-free makeup free of harmful ingredients such as parabens
  9. Pick a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation, to correct your dark circles

Make up hacks to avoid common mistakes while applying makeup

While the tips and tricks can certainly amp up your beauty game, there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid as well. Let us give you a gist of those.

  1. Never apply makeup on dry and bare skin. It will give you a patchy look
  2. Cleanse, tone, moisturise and prep for a smooth application
  3. Ensure you have the right lighting while applying makeup or you may end up underapplying or overapplying, which may turn out to be embarrassing
  4. Do not be lazy with the blending. Blend, blend, blend and then blend some more
  5. Use the correct concealer and corrector. Know what is your concern and then pick either the normal concealer or a peach, green or yellow corrector
  6. Do not overdo your eyebrows by drawing in. You may end up looking like a witch instead of a wonder. Just fill in the gaps and blend it across the eyebrow in a sweeping motion. Less is more
  7. Do not apply the bronzer all over your face, no no no! Just use it to contour, that’s it
  8. Harsh lip lines are out. Use a lip liner that is of the exact shade as your lip colour

Trust your daily makeup routine to flow like a breeze when you follow all these steps.

What are you waiting for? Start investing in toxicity and cruelty-free makeup now with Kiro Beauty.

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