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Monsoon skincare tips: An essential routine for this rainy season

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Oh dear, it’s that time of the year again! Well, of course, we are talking about the good old monsoon. As the raindrops fall and there is greenery all around, this lazy weather comes with a lot of respite for the otherwise hot and humid climate. But, it also has its cons. For instance, your hair and skin is the first to bear the brunt of the sticky and humid season. Well, we can’t do away with the season. But what we can do is follow certain tips and tricks that can help us maintain a healthy and happy skin throughout the season. After all, we do need a reason to be happy in monsoon, it is such a dreamy season! And trust us when we say, monsoon skincare or rainy season skin care is not as tedious as you may think it is. All you need is a push in the right direction.

So, shall we start? Let’s take a look at some of the best things that you need to do for pursuing skin care in rainy season (pssst… and a bit of makeup as well, but we shall talk about it later.)

Monsoon skincare: Should you exfoliate during the rainy season?

The answer is, yes. Exfoliation is essential, come what may. It removes the dead skin cells and reveals the glorious skin beneath. Of course, this does not mean that you go overboard with it. You should not exfoliate more than twice a week. Or you will experience even more problems on your skin in the form of impurities and pesky breakouts.

For rainy season skin care, opt out of physical exfoliators and opt for chemical exfoliants. This means that you should look for the acids that work best for your skin. For instance, salicylic acid is great if you are looking for something that will clear up your skin and reduce pores. Another acid to look for is alpha-hydroxy acid that will also gently exfoliate your skin with every wash.

Chemical exfoliation is gentle and can be done daily, given it is mostly present in everyday cleansers rather than exfoliators with coarse particles that can damage the skin if used daily.

Monsoon is the season when bacteria fester faster than ever, even on your skin. It is extremely important to cleanse your skin properly. Want monsoon skin care products? Investing in an exfoliator is great. Just know your skin type and figure out which one to pick. Again, remember that investing in a cleanser with exfoliating acids is better than physically exfoliating your skin that may lead to premature ageing and further dullness.

If you are using a physical exfoliant, the best way to use it would be taking a pea size amount on your palm and applying and massaging on wet face with gentle, circular movements. Wash off with lukewarm water. On the other hand, if you are using chemical exfoliants, use it gently via a cotton pad. Using a chemical exfoliant cleanser is the same as using any other cleanser, twice a day or as advised by your dermatologist. Pat dry, tone your skin and moisturise.

What is the perfect monsoon skincare routine?

While we may have started with exfoliation, we have to stress on the fact that whether it is monsoon or not, you should never ditch your usual skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin. These are the three cardinal steps of a good skincare routine, including a monsoon skincare routine.

Cleanse: Depending on your skin type; oily, combination, dry or sensitive, pick a cleanser. We’d suggest going for clean brands and products that do not have parabens and other harmful ingredients. Such cleansers will have more potent ingredients that will benefit your skin more.

Tone: Do not forget to invest in a good toner. It calms down your skin and shrinks down the pores. After cleansing, spray your skin with a toner and pat with cotton pads. Let it absorb into your skin.

Moisturise: Pick a serum and moisturiser that suits your skin. Avoid any sort of irritants. Your skin is stripped off oils. Applying a good serum ensures your skin gets the right nutrition and a moisturiser locks in the benefits. Monsoon is the time when your skin gets sticky and attracts a lot of dirt and grime. That can clog pores and give rise to further imperfections. For a clear skin, follow a good and regular CTM routine, twice a day. Invest in a good serum that can further benefit your skin.

Monsoon skincare: Should you use sunscreen in the rainy season?

Another bonus tip for monsoon skincare? Do not skip sunscreen. Yes, we know that there is no sun amidst the clouds, but it is still there. The rays are still there and can harm your skin. Just because it is not visible does not mean that it is not there. Protect your skin against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays by applying a good sunscreen. Now the tricky part is choosing a sunscreen that suits your skin, at the same time protecting it. If you have oily or combination skin, the best way would be to pick a gel sunscreen or a matte sunscreen. Look for the ones with natural and cooling agents such as aloe vera. SPF 30 and above should be good. If you have dry skin, look for cream sunscreens with heavier textures.

There are spray texture sunscreens available as well with even lighter textures.

Skin care in rainy season is incomplete without sunscreen. You need protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Which is the best facial for monsoon skincare?

Cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating and even applying sunscreen, you have gone through almost all essential steps for a good monsoon skincare routine. But once in a week, you need to pamper your skin and fill it with all the suppleness and nutrition. A good facial can give you that.

For monsoon skincare, we recommend a fruit facial. These are rich in nutrition and are a great way to beat the humidity of the monsoon.

You can add a banana face mask for your monsoon skin care routine. It is excellent for those with oily skin, unclogs pores and deep cleanses, at the same time replenishing the skin with essential nutrients. You can also create an oatmeal mask which clears the dead skin cells and leaves behind rejuvenated skin. Another great recipe is by using apple, milk, sugar and chamomile oil. This fruit facial mask removes all the sticky dust and grime that may have accumulated on the skin due to the humidity. It also makes the skin radiant. A papaya skin care fruit facial mask is rich in antioxidants and perks up the skin like nothing else, replenishing and filling it with all the goodness and moisture.

For a good monsoon skin care fruit facial, you need to cleanse well, exfoliate, apply a fruit face mask and then follow up with the treatment, serum or moisturiser. Top it off with sunscreen. It is a good way of pampering your skin, especially in these humid times. There are no special monsoon skin care products. But you can surely create a good monsoon skin care routine using the right products for your skin.

And when you do that, make sure fruit facial is on the top of your list.

What about the night time monsoon skin care routine?

Night time is the time when you skin repairs. Invest in a good night cream and add it to your monsoon skin care routine. Again, check your skin type and pick one that you think will be best for your skin.

The one thing that you need to look for in a night cream that will suit your skin during night time is that it should be light in texture and soothing in nature. This is because extremely heavy texture can already add on to the skin problems. Also, look for ingredients such as rose, aloe vera, tea tree oil, chamomile, etc. All these ingredients not only repair your skin while you sleep, but also soothe it.

Of course, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to do a patch test before. Also, if you are consulting a dermatologist, know which ingredients would work best for you while choosing your monsoon skin care products.

Monsoon skincare: What are the best monsoon makeup tips?

Remember the first cardinal rule of makeup while you are going on about it in the rainy season. It's humid and sticky. The more products you put on your face, no matter how matte they are, they will melt and smudge. Less is more. Use lesser products with thinner consistencies rather than multiple products.

Also, use products with non-toxic ingredients. Brands such as Kiro Beauty are striving to strike a balance between nature and science, thus giving you products that not only colour well but care too. When the toxic ingredients are taken out of the equation, it gives space to the natural ingredients to thrive. With Kiro Beauty, you get the goodness of jojoba oil, vitamin E, argan oil, vitamin C, avocado oil, and the likes. From eyeliners with beautiful pigments to lip colours that come in an array of shades, the soothing comfort of nature is imbued everywhere.

And that’s what you need in your light monsoon makeup. Monsoon makeup is all about good skincare and light makeup. With a good skincare routine and makeup products that are full of nutrition and care, you can simply sail through the season and enjoy its goodness.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your monsoon skin care routine now, and we can sort your monsoon makeup out. Deal?

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