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Must have lipstick shades! A handy guide to a pretty pout

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“If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack.”

This Coco Chanel quote is classic and ever-so-relevant. There is absolutely nothing that a good lipstick cannot fix. Having a dull day? Swipe that bright red or fuchsia. Not sure of what is missing in a look that you want perked up? Again, let your best lipstick shades come to your rescue. Lipstick has been our go-to armour for a long time, even before we were introduced to other makeup products. We have swiped on that bullet from our mothers’ makeup box, we have used it as blush, eyeshadow, and whatnot. A few must have lipstick shades and we have been ready to take on the world, no matter what. Yep, even as the little girls that we were.

Times changed, but our sentiments did not. Regardless of the gender you identify with, if you are a makeup lover, lipstick is one product that you absolutely love to hoard on, we know that. From nudes that speak ‘My lips but better’ to reds that fire up your already crackling personality, there are a lot of shades to choose from.

While reds and nudes are basic and best lipstick shades that go with every look, there are certain other must have lipstick shades that you can try as well. These come in an array of colours and complete your palette. So, swipe on your favourite shade to get on this ride. Because we are going to tell you all about the best lipstick colour that there is, and a few more. From oranges that do the tango to pinks that are pretty and perfect we have it all in this handy guide.

Let’s start, shall we?

But wait, what lipstick are you looking for?

Textures, textures, what to choose for best lipstick shades?

Well, must have lipstick shades can also fail if you do not choose the right texture. And it all depends on what kind of lipsticks or lip products, whether makeup or care, you go for. If you have dry lips, you may want something moisturising. If you have normal lips, maybe matte lipsticks are your choice. Good for you, nowadays, long lasting lipsticks are available across all textures. Even matte lipsticks can settle down into a creamy finish, and creamy lipsticks can give you the intensity of a lip balm and yet last long.

It all comes down to your choice.

So, if all the must have lipstick shades are so good in texture, what should you look for?

Our suggestion? Go for sustainable brands that are cruelty free and also free from toxic chemicals. Earlier, lead was one of the main components of long lasting lipsticks. But it was and still is one of the most harmful ones as well. Lead not only makes your lips pigmented and dark but can also cause cancer.

Given your lipsticks are products that you may accidentally consume with food or drinks, it is important that you pick the ones that do not have hazardous ingredients. So, while choosing the texture, also check whether or not your brand is toxicity-free. We aren’t talking of ditching all things science in favour of au naturale. That’s obviously not possible. Look for a brand that strikes a balance between science and nature. Something like Kiro Beauty where we have the best of nature in the form of jojoba oil, tea tree oil, etc in our products, including lip makeup, but that does not compromise its longevity and texture.

Our creamy lip bullets and liquid matte lipsticks both are made to last, and available across shades and textures that you can take your pick from. And there are no scary ingredients.

Now that we have this cleared, let’s tell you about some of the must have lipstick shades that you should have in your makeup closet.

Tap the trend: Must have lipstick shades

Do you think that your lipstick colour is not as amazing as you thought it would be? We have a solution. Maybe that lipstick colour is not for you. Or maybe that particular shade is not for you. But there are a lot of choices.

Let’s take a look.

#1 The perfect nude

This one is our favourite. There is a reason the term ‘my lips but better’ was coined. A perfect nude lipstick colour should be in sync with your natural makeup and should enhance it. That is why you should always test which nude lipstick matches your complexion, much like you test a foundation shade before picking it up. A perfect nude lipstick will make you look amazing, whether you go for a dewy look or a matte one. But one that is not right can either be too dark and drab or light and washing you out. A dark nude lipstick is still manageable, but a light one is a complete no-no.

So, be careful while picking yours. Here are a few tips:

  1. Figure out your undertone; cool, warm or neutral
  2. Take a nude colour lipstick that is a shade warmer than your actual skin tone
  3. Go for a full-coverage nude lipstick if your lips are pigmented

Once you have mastered the trick of picking the perfect nude, there are an array of options to choose from, whether you want a creamy one or a matte one. You can take your pick from coffee shades like Kiro Beauty Non-Stop Airy Matte in the shade Cinnamon Nude or in Nude Mocha. If you want a different texture you can go for Kiro Beauty Live-in Creamy Matte Lipstick in Sandy Nude.

Pick the nude lipstick that makes your heart sing. The most popular tones are pink and browns, but you can even try out orange and mauve tones, which are quite in vogue.

#2 The pouty orange

Well, nudes are pretty amazing, but have you ever tried a citrusy orange look? Believe it or not, orange is the new ‘red’ if not black. If you can pick the shade that suits your skintone well, trust us when we say, this would be one of your go-to must have lipstick shades. Whether a day-time summery look or an evening party one, orange lipstcks, if applied and pulled off well, can be your perfect lip companion.

You can get an orange nude lipstick. Most orange nude lipsticks tilt towards peachy tones instead of the more popular pink and brown ones.

Pair it up with your favourite sundress and perky stilettos, wear that sling, and head out.

Options, you ask? Well, we have quite a few. Kiro Beauty Non-stop Airy Matte Liquid Lip in Peachy Nude is a nice orange nude lipstick option. If you want a darker orange with a reddish hue, we have another one, Kiro Beauty Live-in Creamy Matte Lipstick in Coral Rouge.

Pick your perfect orange lipstick shade and swipe it on!

#3 The pretty pink

You can hardly go wrong with pink. But you have to ensure that you pick a pink lipstick shade that goes with your personality or at least emboldens it and does not look like a schoolgirl shade instead. Whether it is a dark pink lipstick or a rose colour lipstick, or even a natural pink lipstick, this is one colour after red that can totally make your face perk up, no matter how dull the rest of the look. Pink lipstick has the power to transform.

Again, if you want the best pink lipstick, check your undertone. Especially if you are going for a natural pink lipstick, i.e. a nude lipstick with pink tones, it is important to know whether you are a warm-toned person, a cool-toned one or a neutral one. This will help you choose a pink shade that goes best with your skin.

Also, choose a texture you would want to go with. Know whether you want a matte lipstick or a creamy matte lipstick. Then go for the kill while choosing the kind of pink you want. You can pick a natural pink lipstick like Kiro Beauty Live-in Creamy Matte Lipstick in the shades Pink Guava or Stone Rose. Alternatively, you can pick some hot pink lipstick shades as well, such as Kiro Beauty Non-stop Airy Matte Liquid Lip in the shade Tropical Fuschia.

Whichever pink you choose, make sure it is one that goes into your kit of must have lipstick shades. Because trust us when we say, one pink lipstick is worth it.

#4 The royal red

This one is a no-brainer. Red is classic and the most recommended, whether it comes to clothes, footwear, or even lipsticks. Whether you want a satiny or velvety finish or a matte and airy one, picking the best textured red lipstick can take your look notches higher. Didn’t get the time to style your hair? Just make a topknot, make sure your face is neat and your lips swiped red in clean lines. It’s a royal shade, there is no doubt about it.

If you think that there is just one type of red, you may be mistaken. Just like your favourite nude lipstick, red also comes in various shades. From a cherry red lipstick of your dreams to a deep red lipstick, to even the ones with maroon shades, there is a wide variety to choose from. In fact, you can even choose a muted red or probably just go easy on the application if you want a hint of red but not a pop of it. You get the drift.

Kiro Beauty again has a wide range to offer, with a touch of cruelty-free and sustainable features. You can take your pick from the Kiro Beauty Non-stop Airy Matte Liquid Lip in the shades Fiery Ruby or Terra Red, or you can simply pick from Kiro Beauty Live-in Creamy Matte Lipstick in the shades Burnt Cherry or Red Earth. Want a spin on the red? Then we have Kiro Beauty Live-in Creamy Matte Lipstick Gold Dust in the shade Indian Rose and Red Earth, with specs of gold that are sure to set you apart as the star of the event.

Red is always a classic. Make sure you pick yours with a panache.

#5 The classic brown

Well, well, who says that this is a colour that only middle-aged women can flaunt? Brown is a beautiful retro shade that can be carried with a lot of confidence and can exude a lot of oomph as well. Brown lipstick shades are classy, to say the least and have quite a Marilyn Monroe vibe attached. The intensity can be increased or decreased to create a nude lipstick as well. It totally depends on how you wish to carry it.

From nude brown that is light and beautiful to copper brown lipstick that shines like gold dust, to most popular coffee brown lipstick or even a dark brown lipstick, there are an array of shades of to choose from. Kiro Beauty has its options as well with brown shade lipstick for Indian skin tone.

Want a shimmery wine-like brown? There is Kiro Beauty Live-in Creamy Matte Lipstick Gold Dust in Mulled Wine. Or you can go for classic shades of Coffee Bean and Roast Chestnut in Kiro Beauty Live-in Creamy Matte Lipstick range. Want liquid matte? Then pick Non-stop Airy Matte Lipstick in the shade Berry Eclipse.

Take your pick from the must have lipstick shades, Kiro Beauty way

There is no way you are going to have one lipstick shade in your kitty bag. But if you must, then create a kit of must have lipstick shades, for sure. And make sure you add at least two of various intensities; from reds and browns to pinks and nudes, and even peaches and oranges. With Kiro Beauty, you can have it all with a touch of care and no toxic ingredients. This means every time you swipe your favourite shade on, your lips are nourished as well as coloured.

And we are not done. Keep watching the space as we are on the spree of launching more beautiful colours. Stay gorgeous!

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