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Paraben free products: The secret to a happy and healthy skin

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Switch to paraben free products for a long lasting glow

No one likes to slap chemicals on their skin. And yet, that is all that we had been doing for a long time. We loved the various hues of eyeliners and eyeshadows, lipsticks and lip liners, and did not care about all the chemicals and toxic ingredients that were thrown in to make it, some of them dangerous enough to cause tumours! Thankfully, of late, better sense has prevailed and makeup brands, including some of the biggest names, are coming up with greener and healthier options. Sustainability and non-toxicity are the new names in the market. Which has given rise to a whole clean beauty industry and paraben free makeup brands.

So, what exactly are these parabens and why are they so harmful for the skin? Let’s tell you that and why it is important for you to use paraben free products, whether it comes to skincare or makeup.

Parabens were first introduced in the 1950s (yes, it’s that old). These are preservatives that are used in makeup and skincare products to elongate the shelf life and prevent the formation of bacteria and mould. But, that should ideally be good, right? Instead, it is not. The reason being, it was later discovered that parabens could enter the body via the skin tissue and cause multiple issues. The names to specifically look out for are methylparaben, butylparaben and propylparaben.

Why are parabens bad for the skin?

A 2004 British study even proved that parabens could be directly linked to breast cancer, skin tumours and various other reproductive organ issues. This sent the beauty industry into a tizzy. For how could an ingredient so crucial to the market be so lethal? Not only that, parabens were also proved to be harmful for the environment. As the world was waking up to the concept of sustainability and eco-friendliness, paraben was posing threat to the planet as well that the parabens in our products were being washed away into the water bodies, harming the mammals therein.

This means that if you are not using paraben free products, you are not only doing your skin and body a whole load of harm but also contributing towards the deterioration of the environment. Using non toxic makeup is the need of the hour. But how to do it?

This led to the next set of questions; what would the beauty and makeup industry do without paraben? How could we move on to the concept of paraben free products and towards clean beauty overall? And most importantly, how can we replace parabens?

What natural preservatives can be added instead of parabens?

Parabens are important and most effective preservatives. To replace them, we need an equally potent preservative that not only is harmless and non-toxic, but also equally efficient in retaining the efficacy and longevity of the product in which it is used. Going paraben free or toxicity free is a good thing, but we need to find a solution, a replacement.

And yes, there are a few natural preservatives that can be used in place of parabens, thus giving you a non toxic makeup look.

Natural preservatives: Let’s start with some natural replacements for paraben. There are surprisingly many. If you wish to go for a paraben free makeup brand and want the goodness of nature as well, look out for ingredients such as grapefruit extract, essential oil extracts (thyme, tea tree, oregano, etc), rosemary extract, neem tree extract and the likes. Most of these are antifungal herbs and protect against various bacteria and fungi. Unfortunately, they are not potent enough to get rid of all kinds of bacteria, and hence, the recommended shelf life of most of these products is lower than the ones that contain parabens. Our suggestion? Get small-sized products and finish those earlier rather than cheap alternatives that contain parabens.

For instance, brands like Kiro Beauty use ingredients such as jojoba oil, rosehip oil, marula oil, mango seed oil, etc. Most of these oils are used to create paraben free makeup products that not only give you the perfect pop of colour but also care for your skin. If you wish to go truly paraben free, using brands that contain natural preservatives would be the best option.

Apart from natural preservatives, there are certain other formulations as well, backed by science and not harmful at all.

Phenoxyethanol: This is one of the most popular replacements used by brands that are going paraben free. This is an effective microbial and gets rid of almost all the bacteria, when combined with other antibacterial preservatives such as potassium sorbate.

Potassium sorbate: Here is another alternative that can help you switch to paraben free products. Most of the organic products contain this ingredient. It is mostly combined with phenoxyethanol because individually, potassium sorbate cannot kill as many bacteria.

One of the biggest issues that the industry faces is that paraben is cheap, the alternatives are not. But if we need to make the change, we do need to move on to better alternatives, even if it comes at a slightly higher cost. We can manage the market over time, but we cannot undo the severity of the damage that parabens cause.

What are the benefits of using paraben free makeup brands?

While some of us love to go au naturel, many of us still love to revel in the goodness of makeup and its various shades and hues. So does that mean we have to put up with parabens and all the harsh effects it has on the skin, body and environment? No, we can choose paraben free makeup brands such as Kiro Beauty and still go on about our usual makeup routine, without any worry.

From paraben free highlighter, paraben free eyeliner and paraben free eyeshadow to paraben lipsticks and other beauty products, there is a free field of clean beauty that you need to explore. The best part is that these changes will not cost you a bomb, and yet will save you a lot of expenses when it comes to long-term health issues. At the same time, giving your skin the benefit and care of all the natural and harmless ingredients.

Here are some of the benefits of using paraben free makeup brands that you can take a look at before you take the plunge:

#1 A younger, plumper skin

Do you know parabens age you faster than any other ingredient? So, if you are using any makeup product or skincare product that contains this ingredient, it will actually counter any goodness it claims to offer and make your skin dull. On the other hand, paraben free makeup products and skincare products will ensure that you retain the youthful palor of your skin with continued usage.

#2 A better planet

Being eco-friendly is the need of the hour. Every time you use a product that contains parabens, a huge quantity is disposed off, which ultimately harms the environment and also the other creatures who inhabit it. The worst effect is on sea creatures as we have made water bodies our dumping grounds for factor waste. Use paraben free makeup brands to help the environment. Go sustainable.

#3 A healthier body

Paraben free makeup products are priced slightly higher than the ones with paraben. But that margin is very slight as compared to the long-term health benefit it offers. Multiple studies have suggested that parabens can cause breast cancer and even tumours. Consider paraben free products an investment into your skin and body, where you not only give it the right nourishment but also save it from impending harm that can clearly be avoided. Use the option when it is available.

#4 No allergies

If you have a sensitive skin and an even more sensitive overall system, you should steer clear of harsh chemicals such as parabens. It can cause excessive itchiness, redness and other such effects on the skin, which is neither pretty to look at nor comfortable. Your makeup product should elevate your look, rather than make you feel uncomfortable. Using paraben free products will ensure you do not undergo such issues

#5 A happy and gorgeous mane

Paraben free products are not just good for your skin and body, but for your hair too. As much as parabens affect the skin adversely, it also has a bad long-term effect on your hair if your regular hair products contain the ingredient. Some severe effects may include excessive hair fall, itchiness, fungal infection and a lot more. Paraben free products for hair are gentler in nature and packed with powerful and natural ingredients that are more beneficial.

At Kiro Beauty, we have specially-curated our products with the best of natural ingredients that are ethically sourced, and steered away from the paraben route. But does that affect our quality? No. From our paraben free lipsticks to paraben eyeliners, the pigmentation is stark and the application soothing. Care and colour together, with the paraben free magic that we create at Kiro Beauty.

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