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Tips and Tricks to Pull Off the No Makeup Makeup Look

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Remember the time when loud makeup was a thing? We all flaunted our razor thin eyebrows and loud lips with dark lip liners. Those were the days. However, the past decade has been kinder to our skin and makeup tactics. With time, we have started tilting towards the natural facet of looks. Now, natural makeup looks, also known as the no makeup makeup look, has made its way into our look-book. The emphasis is to look as natural as possible, yet create an innocent flawlessness about our skin. The no makeup makeup look is all about enhancing our natural features and beauty, rather than creating over-the-top looks. Natural makeup looks are more about cover up rather than colour up.

In this article, we will tell you all about it; how to achieve light makeup looks in various steps, via first taking care of your skin and then going further on it. The natural makeup look is not that difficult. All you need is a good skin and a canvas on which you can ace the base makeup. How to do it? Let us take you through the magic tricks that can help you achieve the most flawless easy makeup looks, every day, any day.

No makeup look? Learn to care for your skin

Step 1: Go for a flawless skincare routine

If you wish to ace the no makeup makeup look, the first step is to have a flawless skin. By flawless we do not mean a perfect skin. It is almost impossible to have a perfect skin. But, what we do mean is to have a smooth base. Consider this, when you create a painting, having a smooth canvas is most important. Otherwise, no matter how good the pattern and techniques, there will always be patches on the painting, making it look tacky. The same goes for our skin. The smoother and softer our skin, the less the requirement for a heavy base, more natural the makeup.

So, how do you get a flawless skin with a minimal makeup look? It’s actually quite simple. Just have a regular skincare routine in place. First, identify your skin type and figure out if you have any sensitivities. Usually, it is best to pick products that do not have any toxic ingredients such as parabens and minerals. The lack of such toxic ingredients also ensures that the actual extracts and beneficial components be more potent and beneficial in nature.

Once you have picked out products that suit your skin type, establish a routine. A good skincare routine should have the following steps.

Cleanse: Cleanser your face twice a day; once when you start your day and once before hitting the bed at night. This keeps your skin clean and removes any dirt and debris, which, if settled, gives way to blackheads and whiteheads, and also acne.

Tone: This is essential. Toners soothe and calm your skin and also close the aggravated and open pores after cleansing or scrubbing. It is important to close the pores, otherwise your skin becomes extra sensitive and is more prone to acne and other allergies.

Serum: Pick a serum that suits your skin. Serums penetrate deeper than usual moisturisers and address specific concerns. They also act faster on your skin due to their light texture. If you have specific issues, we would suggest pick a serum.

Moisturise: A good moisturiser balances the sebum level on your skin depending on your skin type (oily, combination, dry, sensitive). It also enhances the benefits of your serum and protects its benefits.

Sunscreen: Remember to put on a sunscreen whenever you step out. Even if it is cloudy, that is no excuse for missing your sun protection. This will ensure that your skin does not get tanned or burnt. You can pick a moisturiser with SPF, that would reduce the steps and make your life easier. Pick a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30.

Night Cream: A night cream is another variant of the day cream, but with more focused working and ingredients. In fact, you cannot exchange your night cream for your day cream as it is advised to not step out in the sun. The ingredients, due to their efficiency and potency, may react with the UVA/UVB rays.

Exfoliating: Twice a week, exfoliate your skin using a gentle scrub. It is a misconception that harsh particles work better. No, they can aggravate your skin. Pick a soft scrub that suits your skin. You can also pick a cleanser with AHA and other such exfoliating ingredients that gently exfoliate your skin every time you wash your face.

Masking: Last, but not the least, make sure you use a face mask once or twice a week, to give deep nourishment to your skin. You can even play around with sheet masks.

Do all of this and combine it with a healthy diet, along with ample everyday hydration, and you will have a glowing skin that forms a perfect base for a no makeup makeup look, with minimal product intervention. You will have a no makeup face that’s ready for a natural everyday makeup look.

Once this is done, the rest of the steps are a cakewalk.

Steps for a natural or no makeup makeup look

Step 2: Prime it!

Natural makeup looks easy, but does require a few steps. In fact, it is more precise than louder makeup routines. For starters, once you are done with your CTM routine, you have to prime your skin. How do you do that? By picking a primer that suits your skin well. Again, be mindful of what ingredients are going on your face. It is better to pick things that have no minerals, parabens and other such toxic ingredients.

A primer is like a moisturiser, but often comes in gel and cream format, to smoothen out the base. It closes any open pores and also makes way for the foundation so that your skin doesn’t appear patchy. Although if you have a proper skincare routine in place, this should not be a problem.

Step 3: Ace the base

Now is the time to enhance the look, that you have made the canvas perfect. You will need a foundation, a concealer, a blush and a highlighter. If you want, you can use a bronzer as well, but for a light no makeup makeup look, these products should suffice.

Again, while choosing your makeup products, try going for the ones that do not have toxic ingredients. This will ensure that you do not harm your skin that you have so painstakingly maintained. A good skin that breathes well and is healthy is a prerequisite for any makeup. Choosing the right makeup products is essential.

Foundation: Choose the best foundation for natural look is easy. All you have to do is find one that is closest to your skin tone. A darker one would make you look dull and a lighter one would leave a cast. Check with a swatch on your jawline to find the closest shade. Also, pick a texture your skin type is most comfortable with. If you don’t like foundations, pick a bb or cc cream that provide medium coverage. It will serve as a light coverage foundation.

Concealer: Contrary to the popular opinion, a concealer is an essential part of your no makeup makeup look. Pick one that is one shade lighter than your foundation, as you need to cover your under-eye darkness. Again, choose a concealer that works best with your skin type and blends in well.

Blush: Natural makeup looks can only look flushed with nature if you use the right amount of blush on your face. Choose cream or matte ones, we’d suggest, as it will blend seamlessly with your base. Ensure that it does not have any glitter as it will spoil the whole no makeup thing that’s going so well for you. Again, it is better to use a product that is free of toxic ingredients. You don’t even need herbal or organic products. You can simply pick something like Kiro Glow-on Blush Duo that comes in beautiful and natural shades of flush. The best part is they come in duos, so you can pick any shade or even mix and match.

Powder: This is optional but recommended. You can choose a translucent powder if you do not want to cake up. It will help set and blend your entire makeup well.

Highlighter: While this may not be necessary, a highlighter can totally lift up your look. Use it on the high points of your face and watch your face glow. Again, choose a product that is free of harmful ingredients, such as the Prism Perfect Highlighter by Kiro. Just like the blush, these come in beautiful duos that settle on your face to provide a natural glow.

The key to a good base makeup is blending. Make sure you blend, blend and just blend. There should be no harsh lines or edges or it can totally take away the essence of the look.

Now that you are done with the face, it’s time to move on to the eyes and lips.

Step 4: Line those eyes and lips

A no makeup makeup look is not just about the base. It is also about creating natural eye makeup looks and lip makeup looks that complement it well. Or you would just look waxy without any definition. Again, your eyes and lips are delicate and sensitive parts of your face. So, choose products that are free of toxic and harmful ingredients so that the makeup sits comfortably rather than making you feel itchy or making your eyes watery.

You can take your pick from Kiro Beauty’s range of lipsticks. Pick your texture; liquid matte or creamy matte. Next, pick nude shades that are closest to your skin tone. Do not go for very light shades that may wash you out. Check whether you have warm, cold, neutral skin tone and which would be the best nude shade to amp up your no makeup makeup look.

Next, pick your eyeliner. Stick to blacks and browns. Pick up an eyeshadow stick in bronze and line it up with the high-definition liner. Tightline with the kajal. The best part is that none of it would itch your skin or irritate your eyes because of the gentle ingredients present.

That’s it. Put on some setting spray to give your natural makeup a dewy appearance and you should be good to do.

Do’s and don’ts for a perfect no makeup makeup look

You can create that perfect no makeup makeup look with this handy guide. However, you should also know a few do’s and don’ts so that you don’t slip up along the way. Following are the natural makeup tips to keep in mind.

  1. Do not ditch the blush. It adds a much needed colour to your face
  2. Avoid the bronzer. It can make you look dull
  3. Don’t ditch the concealer
  4. Don’t use a dark lip liner
  5. Use a soft, nude shade lipstick instead of a popping one
  6. Don’t ditch the eye shadow. Use a taupe or brown one, instead
  7. Avoid doing a smokey eye

And just like that, you are done! Follow all of these and you have a recipe for a perfect no makeup makeup look in hand. It doesn’t even take that much time if you have a good skincare routine to complement it and a good toxicity-free brand to back you up. Kiro Beauty, for instance, strikes a perfect balance between science and nature to give you products that work well on your skin and last long.

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