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Eyeliners, the most basic form of eye makeup. In fact, come to think of it, they have always been around in the form of kajal, for the waterline, but never pigmented and stable enough for the lashline. While kajals were always there to make sure she gets noticed, to make the eyes of a woman shine in its truest sense and essence, eyeliners came in much later to give the eyes a complete definition. Eye stick format was one that everyone loved, and eyeliners and kajals were quite convenient and pigmented ways to give a great definition to the eyes.

A cosmetic applied as a line around the eyes to make them appear larger or more noticeable; if you think of it, this is the basic definition of an eyeliner. It’s a compact and convenient way of shaping your eyes and giving it the depth that would make others ask, ‘what is it because of which she gets noticed — her eyes, or just the way she looks at us?’

Explore new eyeliners for radiant eyes

It’s a different feeling, seeing the world with your lined or kohled eyes. It can be a tad uncomfortable. And that’s what it was, for the longest time. It was not a comfortable thing to line the eyes because the texture was patchy and smudgy and also quite coarse. This was because this coloured cosmetic was crafted from the crudest and most raw ingredients that did not have any component to hold it together or make it smoother.

But, with time, did things change? Well, it did. Eyeliners became sleeker and smoother, with a barrage of brands coming up with eyeliner sticks that were waterproof and long lasting, some even up to 24 hours, even though we all know you don’t need that and it is a mandate for healthy skin to wipe it off before you hit the bed. These eyeliners, when applied on face, were simply stunning. But, there were issues as well. With time, people realised that the preservatives, parabens and sulphates present in such formulations were causing harm, and long lasting ones such as skin cancer in serious cases. Further, the world was evolving to be more inclusive. There was and is a lot of toxicity towards other genders that are coming to terms with themselves and their sexualities, and if they found respite in makeup, that was not met with kindness.

There was a need to remove the toxicity in the makeup industry, both in ethical and in formulatory terms. And so, the quest to make it gender neutral began, along with the research on how we can go back to the basics to make it more natural and caring, but not at the cost of the pigmentation and longevity makeup lovers have gotten used to. Everything was required, from a vegan eyeshadow stick to a vegan eyeliner, to make the eye makeup better and guilt free — an indulgence that stems from inherent goodness.

Kiro Beauty, fortunately, is one such brand that strives to strike a balance between nature and science to give you products that caring as well as colouring, with a comfortable texture that stays on for a long time.

Types of eyeliners available in India

Well, an eyeliner may have undergone the necessary evolution of texture, veganism and thought, but it has also gone through a change when it comes to formats and application. No longer do we just have small ‘dibbis’ with a pointed applicator to do that — something that can be dangerous too, lest your attention diverts. Now, we have an array of eyeliner formats for you to pick from. Let’s list them out for you — an eye stick and gender neutral makeup that can help you amp up any look, dating look, office look, or even a party look. Hey, even an outdoor touring look or an adventure look, coupled with minimal makeup and ample attitude for you to conquer that altitude.

  • 1 Liquid eyeliner

    Probably one of the oldest formats, liquid eyeliner is easy and fuss-free. However, it came with its own share of challenges. It wasn’t waterproof and did not dry quickly, leading to easy smudges and panda eyes that none wants, especially when you wish to take on the world with the mesmerising eye makeup look you wish to create. Nevertheless, with time, newer and better formulations came to light, with liquid eyeliners that were smudgeproof and waterproof. With time, clean and vegan eyeliner, vegan eyeshadow stick also made it to the market.

  • 2 Pencil eyeliner

    This one is quite convenient. Use of eyeshadow stick on different occasions and use of eyeliner is quite normal now, what with natural and quick makeup being a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Pencil eyeliner has been created for the convenience of those who like applying eyeliners almost everyday. You just need a sharpener so that you do away with the used layer and apply neat lines on your eyes.

  • 3 Coloured eyeliner

    Now this was one challenging eyeliner to create. Ample pigmentation that could long last and also care for the skin with its clean creation was the need of the hour for sharp eyes. Something like Kiro Beauty Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil that is rich with the goodness of Argan Oil and Vitamin E and comes in three amazing shades — Sapphire Blue, Earth Brown, and Smoked Violet. This can also double up as an eyeshadow stick. Quick application and quick smudge and then a set line, you have a smokey hue look set.

  • 4 Pot eyeliner

    This one is an ode to the classic eyeliner, just with the right urban touch. The right brush helps you apply it in a gentle manner and the pot helps retain the pigmentation the right way. Also, you can wash the brush after every application makes it a truly safe and clean option for the eyes. The ingredients and ethics? That you will have to check.

  • 5 Retractable eyeliner

    This one is the best of all when it comes to convenience and comfort. No matter how soft the texture, the eyeliner won’t break when you throw it in your purse, because the retractable format easily goes inside once you are done. Pick something like the Kiro Beauty Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil in your favourite shade and pick colour, care, convenience, comfort, all rolled into one

  • 6 Gel eyeliner

    These are thick and pigmented, and often come in a pot and brush format. With the makeup evolution, now even gel eyeliners come in the form of pencils and crayons, giving you utmost control with its dark and matte finish.

Makeup lovers can try on the latest collection of eyeliners in India

You can say that girls or a woman is the one who enjoy using eye beauty products such as an eyeshadow stick or eyeliner. But, that’s not true. Every makeup lover can pick the best of makeup and use it to create the best painting on the canvas of face, because makeup is gender neutral and an art, a way of self expression.

The latest eyeliner collection at Kiro Beauty is not just high on trends, giving you the best shades and textures, but also clean and ethical. It is a vegan and guilt free indulgence that is imbued with the goodness of natural ingredients and natural preservatives, that do not harm your eyes. In fact, it gives your eyes the best care that is, all the time as you flaunt the best and darkest pigments of eyeliners, on whichever occasion.

Shop online different colours of eyeliner for eyes

Features of face don’t just require a good care routine and a better base. It also requires a bit of play on colour, eye makeup and lip makeup to perk up the entire effect. Whether you are going for that dating look or a simple office look, or a minimal adventure look or outdoor touring look, or even a kickass party look, you need the same steps, just the intensity and colours differ.

You need a range of eye makeup, eyeliner, and eyeshadow stick, overall eye beauty products that can prep you for the best evening or day possible. Kiro Beauty offers a wide range of shades in the form of its Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil. Available in an array of gorgeous shades that are curated for every skintone, with a texture that is perfect for all kinds of weather, without any smudge or spill, this one contains the goodness of Argan Oil and Vitamin E that soothe and repair the eye area, making this a truly perfect care and colour product. The fact that it is vegan and cruelty free further makes this a guilt free indulgence.

Here are the shades that you can pick, whether you wish to create an everyday look or a party one

  • 1 Kiro Beauty Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil — Sapphire Blue

    If you are a fan of subtle blues, this eyeliner should definitely be your pick. This soothing eyeliner pencil gives you the deepest blue shade possible and can be used both on the waterline and lashline, to give you the best defined eye makeup that you can ask for.

  • 2 Kiro Beauty Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil — Earth Brown

    This is the best choice if you are not much of a black kajal person. The deep and rich brown gives your eyes the right definition but in a subtle manner. This can also serve as a vegan eyeshadow stick if you just apply it and blend it in soft shades of brown. A quick smokey eye is on its way. Pick a good offer available during the online sale season and get this one.

Raw ingredients used in the making of eyeliners for eyes.

Cosmetics to be applied on face have evolved a lot when it comes to texture, pigmentation, lasting power and more. But, now is the time to peek into what goes inside it to make it so rich in shades and texture. You cannot have toxic ingredients going on your face, or anywhere around your eyes, right? You need clean and natural makeup products, including an eyeliner, that is as good when it comes to colour features as it is for care and comfort.

Brands such as Kiro Beauty are striving to strike a balance between nature and science to create such products.The Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner, with all its intense shades and lasting power, is crafted using Argan Oil and Vitamin E that care for the skin every time you apply it. At the same time, it is a guilt free indulgence because it is vegan and cruelty free.

Who thought that the 21st century would see the advent of makeup that cares as much as it colours. Pick clean makeup that is good for you, and good for the environment.

What are the advantages of using eyeliners from Kiro Clean Beauty?

Kiro Beauty makeup products are an evolution in itself that comes after careful research. We identified the gap in the market, there was a need for makeup that could care and not just colour. Further, this care should be directed towards the planet and the person. There was a need for makeup products that did not have toxic ingredients, at the same time could colour with their intense pigmentation and last for a long time. Enter, Kiro Beauty.

With all the eye stick, eyeliner, lipstick, etc that they have, the biggest reason you should purchase a Kiro beauty eyeliner and other products is the fact that it does not use toxic ingredients and has natural ingredients. For instance, it’s Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner comes in three intensely pigmented shades, but that does not mean these will harm your eyes if you apply it daily or for a long time. It is paraben free and cruelty free and is imbued with the goodness of Argan Oil and Vitamin E that soothe and repair the eye skin every time you apply it. Similarly, the Brightening Eyeshadow Stick from this brand comes with Mango Seed Oil and Vitamin E which is again a super nourishing and brightening concoction for the eyes.

Kiro Beauty comes with the goodness of nature that is strung together with an exceptionally good technology and science, so that you good clean products that are comfortable to wear but at the same time are caring and non-toxic. In this day and age, this is the kind of evolution that you should aim for while picking a makeup product of your choice. It is clean makeup that cares for you, the environment and ethics, or it should be nothing. That’s why you should pick Kiro Beauty. Care but not at the cost of colour. Line your eyes, colour it with various shades, the clean and guilt free way, with Kiro Beauty.

Tips for applying eyeliners on eyes

An eyeliner is not just a cosmetic applied as a line around the eyes to make them appear larger or more noticeable. It is much more than that. It is an integral part of your entire face makeup. It is a part of the expression shown on the face, a part of your very appearance. Imagine if you eyeliner or other coloured cosmetic for the eye smudges or just melts, giving you a raccoon eye

Your eyes are the centrepoint of your face. That would definitely ruin the entire look no matter how gorgeous the rest of the makeup. That’s why, you need a few tips for perfect eyeliner application.

The first trick in the book would be to know the type of eyeliner. If you are gifting it to the woman you know and want an eyeliner so that she gets noticed, these tips will come in handy. Pick your best eyeliner as per the format and packaging, but know that all of them should be intensely pigmented and long lasting. The fact that it should be smudge proof and waterproof should come thereafter. And if you want the best of all worlds, an eyeliner that is sustainable, gentle, yet all of the above, go for clean ones like the Kiro Beauty Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner that is pigmented, vegan, clean with ingredients like Argan Oil and Vitamin E that soothe, repair and better the skin around the eyes. All the while not compromising on the pigmentation and lasting power.

If you want a subtle everyday look, you can pick a deep and rich brown shade of eyeliner instead of a jet black one. This will give you soft lines instead of harsh ones. You can even line your lashline with brown, smudge it a little and tightline with the black one, giving you a soft definition that looks gorgeous, no matter what occasion or time of the day. It is a soft shadow look that looks amazing always. Did we tell you that use of eyeshadow stick on different occasions is the new acceptable format, the same stands true for eyeliner too! Check out all the shopping offers on makeup or shopping offers on eye beauty products and pick one of your choice.

The best way to fix an eyeliner smudge, given you have picked one that dries and settles quickly, can be to keep your concealer handy. Just dab a drop on the smudge and blend it well. Top of with your setting powder. There, you are done. No fuss at all. Again, if you are a beginner and are messing it up too much, just go all out with that messy eyeline that you have created, then, pick a petroleum jelly in an earbud and clean the messy line, creating a neat one in the process. Another trick in the book to make your eyeliner look stunning is by using an eyeliner or smudge brush that can give your lines a softer look. This takes away the worry of how to create defined lines, at the same time giving you the eyeliner definition you wanted. Eyeliner can transform the front profile of a person.

Eyeliner tricks are pretty simple and if you master the art, you can simply do away with the rest of the eye makeup. Just apply the eyeliner, finish off with a highlighter, and step out, or stay in, depending on what look you are rocking.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for eyeliners

Picking a great vegan eyeliner or even an eye stick that is cruelty free? We know you may have a few questions. And that is why, we have all of those answered, right now and right here. Take a look. If you still feel you have more questions, write to us and we will get back to you.

  • What is an eyeliner product?

    Makeup is not just about painting your face. It is about enhancing your appearance or features. It is also about how to emphasize face features such as the eyes, and what better product to pick than an eyeliner? It is a product that is used to line the lashline to give full definition to the eyes. It comes in various formats and packaging and you can pick one that suits you the most.

  • What are the benefits of vegan eyeliners?

    Vegan eyeliners do not use toxic or animal-based ingredients, making it a truly harmless and guilt-free choice. Also, this means they use gentler ingredients. With Kiro Beauty, gentle ingredients are combined with good technology to create pigmented and long lasting products that colour and care both.

  • Are vegan eyeliners better than non-vegan eyeliners?

    Yes, vegan eyeliner is better than a non-vegan eyeliner. Reason being, there is no toxic ingredient present which often comes with animal ingredients. Plus, this is a guilt-free indulgence as you truly pick products that are not harmful to any living being and the environment. It is a non-toxic and beneficial pick for your eyes.

  • How can we verify if the eyeliner is original?

    Check for markings and certifications from trustworthy organizations such as PETA. For instance, Kiro Beauty products are all PETA certified and Made Safe, making it a truly non toxic and original choice. When it comes to your eyes, you need to be really careful that the product is what it claims to be. We are clean and have certificates to prove the same.

  • Are eyeliners long lasting?

    Depends on which one you pick. There are times when eyeliners with natural ingredients, owing to its gentle format, do not last for a long time. On the other hand, eyeliners with chemicals have pigmentation and lasting prowess both. Pick one that balances both — a clean eyeliner that is pigmented and can last for a long time, such as Kiro Beauty Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner that is long lasting and dark, but with the goodness of Argan Oil and Vitamin E.

  • Which shade of eyeliners is a bestseller?

    People usually go for black. Nowadays, you have more choice. If you want to create a gentler and more subtle everyday look, you can pick a brown eyeliner. There are other shades as well. Kiro Beauty Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner comes in three gorgeous shades — Sapphire Blue, Earth Brown and Smoked Violet. One is a unique bright blue, the other a brown and then a pretty violet. All the shades are bestselling and specially created for Indian skintones and weather. Pick your favourite now!

  • How many shades of colours are available in eyeliners?

    There are many eyeliner shades available. Gone are the days of just blacks and browns. Now you have blue hues, teals, and more, and even pops and neons if you would go for it. But, at Kiro, we understand that you wish for subtle yet popping tones, whether it’s a party or a meeting. And so, you have three amazing shades — Sapphire Blue, Earth Brown, and Smoked Violet, each an everyday shade for you.

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