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Super Butter Lip Lacquer

Are you tired of trading chapped lips for a coloured pout?

No more. Intensely pigmented and super nourished lips should not be mutually exclusive. We have created a formulation that is designed to colour and care in one go, in a vegan and cruelty free formulation. It’s clean beauty in a soft and cushiony form, just for your lips. Pout with perfection with a shine that lasts.

A lip gloss, a lip butter, it’s a lip lacquer! Introducing, a lip lacquer that stuns from first application — Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer, a luscious lip cushion imbued with a buttery vibe. It’s a butter lip that we have formulated, with a melting formula that comfortably settles on your lips. It’s high on shine and pigmentation alike, melting on your lips like a collage of hues. The non-sticky formulation ensures that this lip butter encased in a lip gloss format makes your pout super comfortable as it does all the hard work.

Available in 12 vibrant shades, this vegan lip butter melts on your lips in a burst of pigmentation, giving an opaque and glossy finish that will make a bold statement whenever you wear it.

Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer is a high-shine and super moisturising formula that is designed to give your lips a fuller and shinier appearance. Created using a blend of 5 butter types — moisturising murumuru butter, healing mango butter, hydrating cupuacu butter, restorative cocoa butter and softening shea butter.

A lip gloss that’s not just a lip gloss, it notches above the subtle texture and is a long lasting and pigmented formulation that comforts and colours your lips. Call it a butter lip gloss, if you may.

Want to take a look at the shades? Presenting the bold and buttery hues of the Super Butter Lip Lacquer.

01 Stone Lily - A mauve-toned nude to perk up every skin tone.

02 Nude Nectar - A peachy nude lipstick for those everyday affairs.

03 Pink Apple - The perfect pink for a summer date.

04 Nude Apricot - A pinky nude for driveways.

05 Dusty Rose - A deep shade of rose for your floral desires.

06 Maple Nude - A deeper, burnt-out shade of memories.

07 Melted Caramel - Peach it up with a nude as bright as the sunlight.

08 Spiced Nutmeg - A spiced-up latte shade, much like your coffee preferences.

09 Mahogany Blush - Just the right shade of subtle sangria for your moods.

10 Roasted Walnut - A roasted and rusted shade of nude brown.

11 Rose Wood - A rosy shade of red that is perfect for all occasions.

12 Vintage Wine - A dark wine shade that drips sensuality all the way.

From pretty to party, each shade of our Super Butter Lip Lacquer is a super lip colour in its own way, resting on your lips like butter and helps you create a confident and crisp look. We know we shouldn’t boast, but, it’s freakin’ amazing, if you ask us — a lip lacquer that melts like butter and stays on like a liquid lipstick.

Net Weight/Volume - 5ml

Country of Origin: India

Date of Expiry: 05-2024

Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer is a delicious and deliberate mix of not 1 but 5 unique butters, each providing a benefit to your lips, making them softer, brighter, shinier.

Murumuru Butter: A new butter that keeps the lips super hydrated and seals in the moisture.

Mango Butter: This one is the powerhouse of fatty acids and heals dry and chapped lips with every application.

Cupuacu Butter: Another one of the new discoveries, this butter has a unique quality of drawing water to the lips and retaining it, thereby improving the elasticity of the lips.

Cocoa Butter: A restorative and healing butter that is rich in vitamin E.

Shea Butter: A butter known for its deeply nourishing formula, this one heals and deeply moisturises the lips.

These 5 butters come in a vegan and cruelty free formulation to form a luscious and non-sticky lip lacquer that is a lip gloss, lipstick and lip balm all rolled into one. One swipe to luscious lips, that’s all you need with these super butters, in the shade of your choice. A butter lip gloss finish that settles into a creamy matte lip gloss structure, this is a must-have if you want the goodness of multiple products rolled into one, without any toxicity.

The presence of five natural butters meets our best-ever scientific technology in the Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer, to give you a deeply nourishing lip butter tint that lasts long and is super pigmented.

Don’t believe us, take a look at the benefits.

Long-lasting lip butter: It is no longer a dream. A butter-like finish can truly last long and our Super Butter is leading the way. The lush texture makes for a plush long-lasting finish.

Intense colour payoff: Who says lip butters can’t last? Our Super Butters are formulated specially for those who are always on the go and do not have the time for multiple touch-ups. Swipe this on for a finish that lasts the day.

Super-hydrating: A long-lasting lip care and colour product? Yes, we have made it possible in our own cruelty free and vegan manner. Our lip butter is super hydrating, all with its pigmentation and long lasting properties.

Hi-shine formula: What's lip butter with no shine? Lip gloss, lip balm and lipstick come together in this hi-shine formula that makes your pout pop in the most beautiful manner.

Paraben free: We believe in a no-toxicity policy. And so, our products are formulated with natural and safe preservatives. That means no parabens — nope, nada, zilch.

100% vegan: Our products are created without using any animal or animal-based ingredients. We are proud to be 100% vegan.

Cruelty free: We love our furry beings as much as you do. We absolutely do not believe in testing our products on animals. You get a cruelty free product that you can indulge in, guilt free.

Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer is a super lush choice — high on shine, moisture, longevity and available in 12 super-pigmented and gorgeous shades.

How to use?

It’s a super stunner, our Super Butter Lip Lacquer. One swipe and you have plumper, fuller and more vibrant lips with colour that lasts all day long in the prettiest possible tint. And guess what, it’s a vegan and cruelty free lipstick that leaves you to indulge in a guilt free manner.

Clean beauty at its cleanest and prettiest, that’s what Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer stands for. And using it is quite simple. Yet, a little more than just one swipe. Let us elaborate.

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips gently to wipe off any radicals and dirt.

Step 2: Moisturise? Na, you are good.

Step 3: Apply the Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer for long lasting colour and moisturisation.

Pro tip: Ditch your multiple lip products and just use a gentle exfoliator and our Super Butter for lips that are coloured and cared for. Tap a little on your cheeks and blend for colour. Pair it with a light skin tint and kohled eyes and you are good to go with a natural and dewy look for the day.

There, you are all done! Take ample care of your lips, much like you take care of your skin, hair and body. Your lips are the most delicate part of your entire being. Treat it gently and affectionately. And our Super Butter will do the rest with its five butters enriched with healing and nourishing properties.

What’s the difference between lip gloss, lip lacquer and lipstick?

A lip gloss is light and sheer and mostly used over a lipstick to add that moisture boost. A lipstick, on the other hand, does the job of providing care and can come in a creamy, glossy or matte texture. A lip lacquer is a colour and care product that serves as a lip balm in texture, has the colour of the lipstick and the shine of a lip gloss.

How do you use lip lacquer?

The best way to use a lip lacquer would be to first ensure your lips are not flaky or dirt-ridden. Exfoliate them using a gentle lip scrub. Wipe with a tissue and apply Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer for long lasting pigmentation and moisturisation.

Is lip lacquer sticky?

Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer has been curated using specific techniques that make it high on shine and colour, with a non-sticky formulation. Apply it whenever you want and you will never experience the sticky discomfort.

Is lip lacquer a safe makeup product?

Lip lacquer is safer than lip glosses that often come with glitter and other chemicals. Lip lacquers are high on colour and care both, and hence are better for the lips. Kiro Beauty further dilutes it by using non-toxic components and nature-derived ingredients, making Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer the safest and most buttery option out there.

Is Kiro Beauty Lip Lacquer non toxic?

Kiro Beauty does not believe in using parabens and other such ingredients. Further, we use ingredients derived from nature, such as shea butter, murumuru butter, etc, that we then combine with our vegan and cruelty free techniques to create non toxic makeup that lasts and cares.

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