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The Kiro Story

There’s makeup that’s gentle - good for you and made with integrity. Then there’s makeup that truly performs - rich color and gorgeous texture. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between the two. So, we created makeup that’s gentle yet effective, luxurious and yet conscientious.

For those who say
‘You can’t have it all’,
we have just one word. Kiro.

Designed intelligently.

Is everything natural good for the skin? Is everything synthetic bad? Can makeup do more, go deeper? We’re not afraid to ask questions, and our products are the better for it. Mindfully made, well balanced, our makeup is both gentle and potent, infused with ingredients that care for your skin (and for the planet, too).

Designed to perform.

Truth is, a product is only as good as its impact. Our formulae have been crafted without any questionable ingredients, and deliver high impact colors as well as luxurious textures. We’re committed to striking the right balance between high performance and unquestionably good-for-you products. (Yes, there really is no catch.)