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Eyeshadow Stick

Buy latest eyeshadow sticks online from Kiro Beauty

Your eyes are the window to your soul. No, we are not creating far-fetched stories. They really are. Your eyes can tell a million stories and seldom lie. They can reveal the deepest of secrets with just one glance your way. They make you see the world, and let the world see you — perceptions and presentations alike. Does she get noticed? Yes, she does. And so does he. Eyes see all, observe all. Seeing is the first thing you do when you open your eyes, and as we grow up and discover the delights of makeup, we realise that eye makeup is something that can help us hide or conceal, or revel and reveal the way we look at the world, when applied on face, one look at a time. With Kiro Beauty, you can get eye makeup that is truly a reflection of who you are.

Sharp eyes or a soft look, the eyeshadow stick collection at Kiro Beauty is just what you want for a wholesome eye makeup experience — one that colours, cares, and comforts, without guilt or cruelty.

Discover new eyeshadow sticks for a radiant and shiny glow

When she applied that gorgeous eye makeup, did she get noticed? Seeing those sharp eyes, how many stopped with their heart on their sleeves? Metaphors and poetry apart, that’s what good eye makeup should do with minimum products, creating an amazing look when you apply that coloured cosmetic for the eyes. Your makeup should not just be limited to the face, it should emphasize face features such as the eyes. Even with the plainest of face makeup, you can quickly add a radiant glow, just with the help of good and clever eye makeup. But, for that, you need not compromise when it comes to care and ingredients, with a bit of convenience thrown in for good measure.

A vegan eyeshadow stick is the answer to all the above. Because when applied on face, the misty shades and the comfortable texture that is not curated with the blood of your favourite animals, and is cruelty free, gives you a guilt free glow. Use of eyeshadow stick on different occasions is the deed of the hour. Whether you want to create a party look or some simple office look or dating look or even a translucent and strong look that stays on for hours, like an outdoor touring look or an adventure look, it’s time you look for a good offer available and grab these beauties.

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our entire body. Which is why when you pick your eye makeup or create a shadow look, it is important to know what is going inside your eye makeup and whether or not it has been declared safe by the medical experts. This goes for any coloured cosmetic you pick, but for eye makeup, this is even more important. Your eye makeup can have toxic ingredients such as parabens and leads, that can affect your eyesight. You need products that are not only free of such toxicity, but also contain soothing natural ingredients that care every time you apply it. After all, even if you pick something as basic as a kajal, which has been a part of our routines since times immemorial, it is a daily application. You do not want something toxic to touch your eyes and God forbid, impair your vision in the worst scenarios.

Radiant look is just a vegan eyeshadow stick away. But it is only possible when you get intense pigmentation and longevity in the gentlest and most toxic way possible, something that you get in Kiro Beauty eye makeup products. And it’s time you grab it and make it a part of your hustle makeup kit.

Types of eyeshadow sticks available in India

When the eyes of a woman shine, her whole demeanour changes. And that shine comes from confidence and a clever use of eyeshadow stick and other eye makeup that can help make her look better. Eye makeup is not just for the front profile of a woman, but also a measure of the expression shown on the face. And of course, the toxicity is diminished in terms of limiting this to gender as well. Makeup is now for the features of face of everyone and not just girls. It is a gender neutral concept. And in the hustled environment of today, the more convenient and hassle-free the texture and application, the more relevant it is. An eyeshadow stick is what you need, that can couple up as a brilliant shade for your lids, easy to blend and can even turn into a highlighter if it is of a perfect metallic yet natural shade that can be used for any look, whether for the simple everyday one or a glam night and party one.

Here are the different types of eyeshadow sticks, both in terms of shades and textures, that you can pick from Kiro Beauty. These are vegan eyeshadow stick options that are gentle on the eyes but strong when it comes to imparting colour, and super convenient to carry and use. This one is worth it.

  • 1 Crayon eyeshadow stick

    This one is the most common. Shaped like a crayon this one spreads like a dream on your eyelids and can also double up as a highlighter, if the shade is a light metallic. This one can be sharpened as well.

  • 2 Pencil eyeshadow stick

    This is almost like the crayon format but in a pencil shape. This is convenient but the only point that goes in negative is the fact that it requires sharpening when it goes blunt. Plus, once it goes blunt, you absolutely cannot use it without sharpening it first, even when you are in a rush.

  • 3 Retractable eyeshadow stick

    This is the most convenient one. Crafted mostly either in a pencil or crayon format, it is securely in a retractable, almost lipstick-like format which makes it super easy to use and carry. This one can be sharpened, but can also be used in its blunt form, for the days when you are in a hurry. You can simply dab it via your fingers.

Girls, a woman or any makeup lover can try on the latest collection of eyeshadow sticks

Eye beauty products can truly enhance your eyes and eyeshadow stick is a convenient way to create various looks that you may be craving to create. From that subtle dating look to that bold party look, you can do it all in a jiffy with the right eyeshadow stick, trust us on that. You need the best pigmentation and lasting power, but in a safe and non-toxic manner. You need eyeshadow stick that is formulated using the best ingredients, and yet is so smooth and pigmented that it lasts comfortably on your skin.

Something like Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick that is a perfect balance of nature and science. With ingredients such as Mango Seed Oil and Vitamin E, it brightens the overall eye area and even tones it, at the same time working on premature ageing and soothing the area. This makes this vegan eyeshadow stick the perfect choice for any occasion, you can bet on it. With all the shopping offers on makeup and shopping offers on eye beauty products going on, you should definitely pick this one up.

Shop online for different colours of eyeshadow sticks for eyes

From an eyeliner or kajal to an eyeshadow, you do need a couple of things to get your eye makeup rolling. With the online sale season raging on, you can do it right now, just the right way. And to do it the right way, to make sure you pick the products that are non toxic and vegan, at the same time long lasting and pigmented, you need brands that are advocates of the clean beauty movement. Eye beauty products are the ones who focus on inner beauty and care as much as outer beauty and comfort, one to make the overall appearance look glam or subtle depending on the choice of the person wearing it.

Eyeshadow stick ticks all the boxes. It is convenient and comfortable, at the same time caring and colourful. Kiro Beauty crafts its eyeshadow sticks with the goodness of Mango Seed Oil and Vitamin E, and with all the benefits, it imparts gorgeous colour too. Here are the various shades available.

  • 1 Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick — Peachy Gold

    This one is a perfect pick if you want a truly multitasking product that can also serve as a highlighter. It can easily blend with the rest of your makeup to highlight your inner eye corners, your brow bone, cupid’s bow, etc, to give you a truly defined and illuminated look. Oh, and yes, it’s an eye stick that helps add that subtle shine and sparkle to the eyelids too.

  • 2 Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick — Sandy Copper

    A perfect choice for those who are looking for an everyday eyeshadow stick with a bit of glam. This is a sandy copper shade that is perfect for all skin tones. The presence of Mango Seed Oil and Vitamin C brightens and evens out the skin and also soothes it. With every glide, this gives immense shade and amazing texture that lasts all day long.

  • 3 Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick — Nude Pearl

    Another brilliant hue that can double up as a sunkissed highlighter. This one shines like a pearl on your eyelids, but in the softest manner, both in terms of texture and pigmentation. It is subtle yet has a glam element to it. Given its eyeshadow stick format you can easily use it to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, the brow bone, etc, without any fuss. The soft texture easily blends with the rest of the makeup, giving you a truly defined and glowing look.

Raw ingredients used in the making of eyeshadow sticks for eyes.

While choosing the eyeshadow, whether in an eyeshadow stick format or otherwise, you need to check the ingredients. Gone are the days when you could have animal ingredients and other toxic ones like parabens, sulphates and alcohol that could react with your sensitive skin or worse, give you lasting conditions that you did not sign up for. Today, the best way to pick a product is to know it follows clean beauty practices, both in terms of ethics and in terms of ingredients. But hey, this does not mean that they are low on actual makeup traits — pigmentation and longevity.

It all dependson the techniques. Like Kiro Beauty uses a blend of the finest natural ingredients with the required non-toxic scientific ones, and uses its special technology to create products that are gentle, beneficial, and long lasting with a brilliant and pigmented finish. Let’s familiarise you with some of the ingredients that go into the making of our beloved Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick.

Apart from the scientific ones that bind it all together, sans the cruelty and guilt, we have Mango Seed Oil and Vitamin E. Both come with immense benefits. While Mango Seed Oil aids collagen formation to prevent premature ageing and protects the skin, Vitamin C brightens and even tones the skin. Together, along with the brilliant formulation that Kiro Beauty brings along, they create a colour and care eyeshadow stick that is super pigmented, super long lasting, and super comfortable. You can simply carry it in your purse for a quick touch-up or a full-fledged makeup.

What are the advantages of using eyeshadow sticks from Kiro Beauty?

Eyeshadow sticks from Kiro Beauty are formulated using the most natural and beneficial ingredients, brought together with non toxic scientific ones, to give you a super nourishing and super pigmented product that lasts for a long time and gives you rich colour in one swipe. The pencil and eyeshadow stick format which is also retractable in nature ensures that there is absolutely no spill as you carry it and it can fit anywhere.

Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick is available in an array of shades, ranging from lighter ones like Peachy Gold to darker ones like Sandy Copper. When on the skin, they disperse like magic, giving a beautiful hue that will make you the star of your own life. The subtle metallics infused add a bit of glam, just enough to help you get noticed, but brilliant for a natural look.

Festive or everyday, these eyeshadow sticks are perfect to be used anytime, anywhere. The goodness of ingredients help repair the skin around the eyes with every application, doing away with the myth that makeup can only harm and do no good. Buy your own eyeshadow stick now.

Tips for applying eyeshadow sticks on eyes

You may have the finest product or eyeshadow stick with you. But, if you do not know how to use it in the best way possible, it does not matter. Eyeshadow stick is amazing, but it will be better if you know the tips that you can use it to make your look better.

Here are a few that we have brought for you.

Tip 1

Choose the right texture and shade. The best way would be to know your skintone and undertone and then pick an eyeshadow stick, especially when you are going for shades as metallic as in the range that Kiro Beauty offers. Though the shades are especially formulated to suit every skintone, you definitely would want one that just makes you look apart. So, choose carefully. The same goes for texture. The Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick has a super creamy yet smudgeproof and long lasting texture. You have to check, whichever brand you pick.

Tip 2

Choose the right brush. We know that fingers work best when you are in a hurry and also when you are carrying your makeup set and want it light, but a little brush does not hurt. Alternatively, pick the eyeshadow stick, apply it with a steady hand, and dab and blend using your fingers. A brush can work well even here, but eyeshadow sticks work better in terms of precise application than a palette would ever do.

Tip 3

Never apply your eyeshadow all the way up to the eyebrows, only the eyelids, depending on the shade or hue that you are trying to create. Blend well. The brow bone area is especially reserved for the highlighter and is a high point that will not only make your eye makeup pop, but also your entire look. It’s a defining feature, do not botch it up by painting the shadow all over it.

Tip 4

The quickest way to create a good look would be to choose two hues and a highlighting hue. Apply the base shade all over the lid, the darker one towards the corner, and blend well. With a texture like that of Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick, this should be a breeze. Once you are done, take the highlighting hue and use it on the inner corners and on the browbone, blend again. Finish off with your mascara for a natural look or apply eyeliner and kajal for a more defined one. Eye makeup has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is eyeshadow sticks product?

An eyeshadow stick is your everyday eyeshadow formulated in a stick format for better use and convenience. It is almost like a makeup pen that you can open and apply on your eyelids, without the fear of spill, breakage or leakage.

What are the benefits of vegan eyeshadow sticks?

Eyeshadow stick is easy to apply and blend and does not require many tools and much space, especially if you are constantly on the go and need touch ups. This one comes in a simple pen format. Better ones like Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick come in a retractable pen format which is even better because it may not require frequent sharpening and is protected from jerks, etc.

Are vegan eyeshadow sticks better than non-vegan eyeshadow sticks?

Absolutely. Non vegan eyeshadow stick, often, contains parabens and other toxic ingredients as well. Vegan ones are not only devoid of animal ingredients, but are also almost always free from animal cruelty as well. Vegan brands are often clean as well which means they do not use other harmful ingredients like alcohol, parabens, and sulphates. Since your eyes are quite delicate, it is always better to opt for a vegan eyeshadow stick.

How can we verify eyeshadow sticks are original?

Check for certifications. Kiro Beauty products come with certications from Peta, which means they are safe and totally devoid of animal ingredients and testing, making it a guilt free indulgence, imbued with good ingredients.

Are eyeshadow sticks long lasting?

Again, that depends on the product that you are choosing. Many brands claim to be clean but when it comes to pigmentation and longevity, they can’t stand up to the claims. That’s where Kiro Beauty comes in with its special technology wherein we combine good, non toxic, and natural ingredients to formulate super pigmented and long lasting products. Don’t believe us? Check our Instagram page and customer reviews and take a call. Our eyeshadow stick is super creamy, smudgeproof, waterproof, and long lasting, just like you’d like it to be, all without any toxicity.

Which shades or eyeshadow sticks are bestsellers?

With us, all the shades are. Pick lighter ones like Nude Pearl or Peachy Gold if you want an everyday glam element and also want your eyeshadow stick to double up as a highlighter. For a darker hue, pick any from Sandy Copper or Fiery Bronze that are formulated after the beautiful tan hue that the Indian skintone is known for. Or you can pick a neutral one like Lunar Champagne, which is totally gorgeous. All the shades are unique and beautiful, take your pick or take them all.

How many shades of colours are available in eyeshadow sticks?

Our Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick is available in five gorgeous shades, all of which are crafted to suit Indian skintones and sustain Indian weather. We have beautiful lighter tones for everyday look — Peachy Gold and Nude Pearl, brilliant browns and coppers — Sandy Copper and Fiery Bronze, and a pretty neutral shade that lies between the spectrum — Lunar Champagne. Pick the one you love now, for a non toxic and beautiful look that lasts all day long.

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